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Solar Financing and Loans for Homes

Utahns are fortunate to have a number of different financial tools at their disposal. Some solar installers offer financing arrangements for solar panels, or third-party ownership models (called leases or Power Purchase Agreements) that allow you to pay a monthly fee to access solar panels that are installed on your roof but owned and maintained by a solar developer. If you can’t install solar, shared solar projects allow you to purchase energy from a remote solar farm. If you would like to purchase and own your solar installation, the following incentives and financing options can help reduce the upfront cost of an investment in solar.

Please note, this information does not imply an endorsement of any programs listed. Utah Clean Energy does not guarantee the availability of any programs listed. Please inquire directly with the program provider for complete details.

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Traditional Financing:

Traditional financing options vary by financial institution and although a traditional home equity line of credit can be used to finance solar, solar-specific loans are becoming more common. Learn more about the following mortgage and loan options, or inquire with your bank or credit union.



Loan Providers:

The recently approved Inflation Reduction Act has made some information on this website outdated. We are working to update ASAP. In the meantime, please consult a tax expert on all incentives and rebates listed.