Fleet Electrification Toolkit

Fleet Electrification 101

The electrification of the transportation sector has historically been concentrated in the passenger vehicle market. In recent years, electric medium- and heavy-duty vehicles have become increasingly available, allowing fleets the opportunity to participate in this important market trend by electrifying their fleet vehicles. Common electric MDHD fleet applications include delivery services, public transit, school transportation, and refuse collection.  As more and more fleets electrify, we learn more about what it really takes to make this work. There are some key elements within the fleet electrification process that all fleet managers will want to think through. Key elements include identifying the best vehicles and sites for electrification, coordinating with the utility, securing funding and other resources to support the project, procuring vehicles, installing charging infrastructure, and training and supporting drivers.

There are numerous resources available to help guide fleets through the electrification process, all the way from planning to implementation and evaluation of the project.

Resources for Private Fleets

Resources for Public Fleets

Fleet Electrification Bootcamp

The Electric Truck Bootcamp is a free 10-part educational series on electric trucks appropriate for fleet managers, utility planners, and policymakers to increase industry awareness of electric trucks. Learn from the experts at the North American Council for Freight Efficiency and Rocky Mountain Institute!

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