Fleet Electrification Toolkit

Vehicle & Truck Incentives

  • Qualified commercial clean vehicle tax credit + links to forms, list of qualified vehicles
    • Forms are not yet available, stay tuned
  • SLC Economic Development Loan Fund
    • 12-month deferral of payments to pay down principal with grants, incentives, and utility savings, and an additional 1% interest rate reduction
    • Business must be located in Salt Lake City
    • Applications accepted on a rolling basis
  • Diesel Emissions Reduction Act (DERA)
    • EPA grant. Provides funding for projects that reduce emissions from existing diesel engines from eligible diesel vehicles (school buses, class 5 – class 8 heavy-duty highway vehicles, locomotive engines, marine engines, and nonroad engines, equipment or vehicles used in construction, handling of cargo, agriculture, mining or energy production).
  • EPA Clean School Bus
    • EPA grant. Provides funding to replace existing school buses with clean, zero-emission buses. Applications due August 22. 
  • Utah DEQ Clean Diesel Program
    • DERA-funded grant administered by DAQ. Fleet owners are eligible for 45% reimbursement for new all-electric vehicles, including charging equipment and installation. Eligibility includes vehicles (class 5-8, engines from 2009 or older; school, transit, and shuttle buses; MHD diesel trucks) and nonroad diesel equipment (<50 – 751+ horsepower Nonroad Engines or Equipment, engine model years 1986+ -used in construction, cargo, agriculture, mining, or energy production)
  • Alternative Fuel Heavy-Duty Vehicle Tax Credit
    • State tax credit. $12,000 is available in 2023. The credit is available through 2030 with amounts declining annually. Applies to purchases of new category 7 or 8 vehicles fueled by natural gas, 100% electric, or hydrogen-electric.
  • Alternative Fuel Grant Program Application: DAQ grant. $2,500 per conversion. Allows businesses that convert vehicles to run on natural gas, propane, or electricity to apply for a grant of up to $2,500 per conversion. The conversion business is then required to pass along the savings to the owner of the eligible vehicle being converted

The recently approved Inflation Reduction Act has made some information on this website outdated. We are working to update ASAP. In the meantime, please consult a tax expert on all incentives and rebates listed.