Solar made simple.

Group Discount Solar Pricing

For a limited time, (through December 31st, 2019) EmpowerSLC Solar is offering amazing discounts on residential solar PV projects to all eligible Salt Lake County homeowners. After the historically low up-front investment, your residential solar PV system will, over the 25+ year lifetime of the system, help stabilize your electricity bills, provide a hedge against rising and volatile energy costs, and secure sizable energy savings. Solar is a low-maintenance, fuel-free energy resource; once it is installed, you can sit back, let the sun shine, and reap the savings for decades to come!

How Does the EmpowerSLC Solar Discount Work?

The EmpowerSLC Solar installer, Auric Energy, is offering an up-front discount on their products and services for the EmpowerSLC Solar Program.

With this discount, the average homeowner is expected to save up to 20% on their solar installation. The installer is also offering add-ons including battery backup, electric vehicle charging, and whole-home energy monitoring.

Description50% of Average Utah Home’s Energy Use100% of Average Utah Home’s Energy Use
System Size3 kW6 kW
Approx. Average Utah Price Before Incentives*$9,500$18,600
Approx. EmpowerSLC Solar Price Before Incentives*$7,650 – $8,700$15,300 – $17,400
Approx. EmpowerSLC Solar Price After Incentives*$3,755- $4,490$9,110 – $10,580

*Cost varies between equipment options. Prices include permitting fees, net meter filing, engineering, site visit, 25-year product and craftsmanship warranty, production guarantee, and lifetime monitoring. Some homes may require add-ons.

Average Utah prices derived from Energy Sage. The average Utah home uses 698 kWh/month or 8,376 kWh/year. Your solar energy offset will depend on your home’s annual energy use.

Customized Solar Bids

You will have the opportunity to customize your solar installation to meet your individual needs and personal energy goals. The selected contractor offers a few choices for panels, optional monitoring systems, and add-ons including electric vehicle chargers, battery back-up, NEST thermostats, and more for interested participants. Your customized solar bid and final discount will depend on the size of your solar PV system, selected components, and your ability to take advantage of available federal and state tax incentives.

Energy Efficiency

Auric Energy, EmpowerSLC, and Utah Clean Energy are all committed to ensuring that EmpowerSLC Solar participants get the most out of their solar panels. By being more efficient and reducing your energy waste you can:

  • Reduce your carbon footprint and household emissions
  • Save money on your monthly utility bills
  • Limit the up-front cost of going solar by reducing your home’s energy load

To maximize the impact of your solar, Auric Energy will help you understand your current energy use, identify simple areas of improvement (switching to LEDs, installing smart thermostats, improving your attic insulation, etc.), and use your energy goals to appropriately size your system.

Solar Incentives

Right now really is the best time to go solar in Utah. In addition to the savings offered through EmpowerSLC Solar, the state and federal government both offer incentives to help reduce your final out-of-pocket costs.

Utah State Solar Tax Credit

The Utah State Solar Tax Credit is 25% capped at $1,600 until 12/31/2020. After that, it will be capped at $1,200 until 12/31/2021.

Federal Solar Tax Credit

The Federal Solar Tax Credit is 30% (with no cap) until 12/31/2019, then 26% until 12/31/2020, and then 22% until 12/31/2021. If you are interested in taking advantage of the full 30% tax credit that steps down at the end of this year, fill out your Solar Survey today! Only installations that are complete by the end of this year will qualify. Otherwise, you will be eligible for the 26% tax credit next year.

Solar Export Credit

When your home generates energy and you’re not home to use it, the excess energy is sent to the grid and you receive a credit for every kilowatt-hour exported. Homeowners are given a 9.2 cent credit for every kWh of excess generation (typically in the summer), which can then be applied to utility bills in months where you solar installation doesn’t cover all of your energy needs (typically in the winter). The export credit rolls over month-to-month until the end of the service year (March 31st). Customers who install solar right now are part of the solar “Transition Program,” and will receive 9.2 cents per kilowatt-hour through December 31st, 2032. The Transition Program will close to new customers sometime in late 2020, and we simply don’t know what that rate will look like for new solar customers after that date. Installing solar now will lock you into the current rate until 2032.

With the federal tax credit set to decrease in 2020, now is the time to take advantage of the lowest price for solar Utah will likely see in the near future.

Learn more about the Solar Export Credit that compensates Rocky Mountain Power customers for their excess generation here:

Community Partner

DISCLAIMER: Eligible homeowners who desire to participate in the Summit Community Power Works (SCPW) Solar Program will work directly with the selected installer to get a bid based on the size, location and energy use of their home. Homeowners who decide to install solar will contract directly with the installer – SCPW and Utah Clean Energy (UCE) will not be a party to the contract – and the panels will be installed on a first-come, first-served basis. Participating homeowners are solely responsible for negotiating and agreeing upon the terms of the contracts and related payment and financing arrangements. SCPW and UCE are not in a position to make, and do not make, any representations or guarantees about the installer or their work. Participating homeowners need to do their own due diligence and be satisfied that the installer can and will provide the homeowner with what the homeowner needs and expects. As a condition of participation in the SCPW Solar Program, and acknowledging SCPW and UCE’s role as facilitators of the discount Program, all participating homeowners agree to release SCPW and UCE from, and agree that SCPW and UCE will not have any responsibility or liability for: (i) the work performed by an Installer, (ii) any payment or financing related to such work, and (iii) any claim that may arise in connection with any of the contracts between a homeowner and the installer.