Solar made simple.

Meet the Installer

The SCPW Solar steering committee used a rigorous vetting process to select Creative Energies as the solar installer for SCPW Solar! Creative Energies is offering a discounted price, energy efficiency education, and a streamlined installation process to make going solar more simple and affordable.

About Creative Energies

Creative Energies was founded 19 years ago with a mission to develop and inspire healthy communities through innovative energy solutions. They’ve installed over 2,000 residential, commercial, and government PC systems from Alaska to Antarctica. Their team consists of 35 full-time adventurous solar craftspeople, several of whom are NABCEP certified.

Creative Energies’ shared values led them to become a Certified B Corporation, illustrating their commitment to seek sustainable social, economic, and environmental business practices by minimizing waste and transportation fuels, recycling, and using renewable energy themselves. Creative Energies strives to reduce their environmental impact in all aspects of their business operation. They are currently stand-alone Certified B Corporation solar provider in Utah and the only Solar company in Utah that operates out of Net Zero offices.

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DISCLAIMER: Eligible homeowners who desire to participate in the Summit Community Power Works (SCPW) Solar Program will work directly with the selected installer to get a bid based on the size, location and energy use of their home. Homeowners who decide to install solar will contract directly with the installer – SCPW and Utah Clean Energy (UCE) will not be a party to the contract – and the panels will be installed on a first-come, first-served basis. Participating homeowners are solely responsible for negotiating and agreeing upon the terms of the contracts and related payment and financing arrangements. SCPW and UCE are not in a position to make, and do not make, any representations or guarantees about the installer or their work. Participating homeowners need to do their own due diligence and be satisfied that the installer can and will provide the homeowner with what the homeowner needs and expects. As a condition of participation in the SCPW Solar Program, and acknowledging SCPW and UCE’s role as facilitators of the discount Program, all participating homeowners agree to release SCPW and UCE from, and agree that SCPW and UCE will not have any responsibility or liability for: (i) the work performed by an Installer, (ii) any payment or financing related to such work, and (iii) any claim that may arise in connection with any of the contracts between a homeowner and the installer.