Solar made simple.

Products Offered

Several panel options are available through SCPW Solar. The panel choices range in price, efficiency, and appearance, providing you with options that best fit your budget and your home.

Solar Panels

Option A: Commercial Installations

370 Watt 72-Cell REC Solar Black on White

Option A is primarily being offered to qualifying small businesses and certain residential customers with small, flat roofs where space is limited and panel visibility is low. These panels have 72 cells (instead of the normal 60), and so are larger than a typical residential panel. Creative Energies is offering these panels at a price of $2.19/watt with a 10-year product warranty, 25-year power output warranty, and 10-year workmanship warranty.

Option B: Budget

320 Watt REC Solar Black on White

Option B is being offered at a price of $2.30/watt and includes a 20-year product warranty, 25-year power output warranty, and a 10-year workmanship warranty. Fun fact about black-on-white panels: all panels have a paper backing under the panel, and while many panels use a black backing to improve appearance, the black backing actually absorbs heat and decreases the panel’s efficiency by 5 watts. In the end, though, 5 watts isn’t going to make much of a difference in your system’s energy output.

Option C: All black panels, USA made

335 Watt Q-Cells Q.Peak Duo Full Black

Option C is the only USA-made panel being offered through SCPW Solar, and is being offered at a price of $2.40/watt. These panels have black backing paper and a black frame, which is great for HOAs and homeowners who want their solar to smoothly blend in with their roof. These cells come with a 12-year product warranty, a 25-year performance guarantee, and a 10-year workmanship warranty.

Option D: Premium

355 Watt Solaria Power XT Full Black

Option D is unique in that the solar cells modules have smaller gaps between them, leading to increased efficiency and a more uniformed look. These panels also come with a 25-year Solaria workmanship and performance warranty. Option D is available for $2.75/watt.

Additional Required Costs

In addition to the $/watt prices shown above, each system includes approximately $1,000 in additional required costs. These costs include the net metering fee ($265 for Rocky Mountain Power and $300 for Heber Light and Power), a structural engineering assessment ($175), and production monitoring with a 12-year SIM card data plan ($538).

Other Products

Creative Energies is also offering the following optional add-ons for your solar system:

Whole-Home Consumption Monitoring$500
Battery Back-Up (Tesla PowerWall)$10,400+
Level 2 EVSE installation (EV charger provided by client)$250 +$5/foot over 50′
Alpine Snow Guards$10/foot

Additional Customization

Some homes may require additional customization based off their unique conditions:

Pole Mount$1.00/watt
Ground Mount$0.50/watt
Steep Roof$0.10/watt
Tile Roof$0.15/watt
Flat Roof$0.12/watt
Main Service Panel Upgrade$1,200-$1,500
Additional PV Sub-array$250/additional
Structural Reinforcement$0.07/watt (avg.)

Funded by

DISCLAIMER: Eligible homeowners who desire to participate in the Summit Community Power Works (SCPW) Solar Program will work directly with the selected installer to get a bid based on the size, location and energy use of their home. Homeowners who decide to install solar will contract directly with the installer – SCPW and Utah Clean Energy (UCE) will not be a party to the contract – and the panels will be installed on a first-come, first-served basis. Participating homeowners are solely responsible for negotiating and agreeing upon the terms of the contracts and related payment and financing arrangements. SCPW and UCE are not in a position to make, and do not make, any representations or guarantees about the installer or their work. Participating homeowners need to do their own due diligence and be satisfied that the installer can and will provide the homeowner with what the homeowner needs and expects. As a condition of participation in the SCPW Solar Program, and acknowledging SCPW and UCE’s role as facilitators of the discount Program, all participating homeowners agree to release SCPW and UCE from, and agree that SCPW and UCE will not have any responsibility or liability for: (i) the work performed by an Installer, (ii) any payment or financing related to such work, and (iii) any claim that may arise in connection with any of the contracts between a homeowner and the installer.